Why strain the yogurt?

strained yogurtStrained yogurt

Straining yogurt may seem like a fussy and superfluous step in the making of frozen yogurt. Many recipes out there do not call for it, but straining is the first step to making a treat that freezes more like creamy ice cream and less like an icy, unscoopable rock. By straining the water from the yogurt, you are minimizing the amount of water that can turn into unfriendly ice later.

Straining Yogurt: (5 minutes active time, 6 hours minimum inactive time)

a large bowl

a colander that can be suspended over the bowl

cheese cloth*

plastic wrap

full fat plain yogurt

– Cut a piece of cheese cloth large enough to be a double layer over the colander.

– With the cheese cloth suspended over the colander, dump the entire yogurt container into your setup.

– Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

– Throw away the drained water. A quart of yogurt once strained is equivalent to approximately 2 cups

*While any cheese cloth will do the trick, we recently started using “Queen Cheese Butter Muslin Fine Cheese Cloth” brand of cheese cloth. It has a more stable weave than the usual cheese cloth available in stores and can be sanitized and used again, making it worth the slightly more expensive price tag. We bought ours at Brooklyn Kitchen, but you can find it online or other specialty stores that carry cheese making supplies.

strained yogurt water

The remaining water from straining yogurt- toss it!


One thought on “Why strain the yogurt?

  1. Don’t toss the water that’s strained from the yogurt! It’s called whey and it has nutritional value. You can use it in smoothies and other recipes, including baking.

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