The Ice Cream Cake

dark wave cake

The “Cold Wave” ice cream log

We remember ice cream cakes from growing up in the 1980s. Tom’s family got birthday cakes from Dairy Queen, but Kira and her father got Carvel chocolate ice cream cakes from the Publix freezer on their shared birthday. It has been a long time since either of us enjoyed a proper slice of ice cream cake. Brady got Tom a “Cold Wave” ice cream log from Baskin Robbins for his birthday last year. It’s not really cake shaped, but comes pretty close.

Last week at Allswell in Williamsburg they had a black mint chocolate ice cream cake on the menu. Of course we had to try it.

mint chocolate ice cream cake at allswell

Black Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake at Allswell.

Allswell did a very modest, clean version of an ice cream cake. There was about an inch of chocolate cake with an inch and a half of perfectly molded black mint ice cream on top. The mint ice cream was extremely delicate. The flavor sung of fresh mint – you could tell that it wasn’t an extract. A little bit of shaved chocolate topped it off.

This cake fit Allswell’s vibe perfectly, and gives the home cook inspiration to try making one of those foods that seem very difficult. There are some birthdays coming up this summer, Kira’s first, and this might be the perfect treat.

So, while many of us have had a commercially made ice cream cake at a childhood (or adult) birthday party, how does one make one at home? Who has the freezer space or the patience to wait for a perfectly chilled cake? This task will take some research, a clean freezer, and patience but we are up for the challenge. Our first attempt might not make it to the internet, but be sure there will be more than one.


2 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Cake

  1. The trick involves two parts: a strong base cookie based (which you can get from freezing it) and letting your ice cream get super soft before applying each new layer. Also marshmellow fluff makes an excellent seperator for the layers.

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