Brady’s Ancho Chili Chocolate Ice Cream

Every Christmas, our friend Brady from Yr Doing a Great Job makes the best edible present: Ancho Chili Pepper Jelly.  It’s the kind of condiment that tastes amazing on everything- breakfast eggs, meat, roasted vegetables, tacos, etc.  Our small jar is rationed out over the winter months to make it last as long as possible.  This year, we begged off another jar so that we could use it as a mix-in for chocolate ice cream.  Brady generously shared the family recipe with us, so you can make your own.
Ancho pepper jelly ice cream1
We’ve made chocolate ice cream before with different recipes, but the Bi-Rite recipe was the easiest by far and yielded the best tasting and creamiest results.  It’s appropriate that we used a San Francisco creamery’s recipe with Brady’s jelly- he’s a Niners fan all the way.

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